Quizlet is an online memorization tool. It has many study modes such as voice race, space race, and test, scatter, learn, and familiarize. It also gives users the opportunity to make flash cards. This is a free website but you must sign up to use it. Quizlet also has a blog where you can chat about school courses and other things and also you can create group study session so that you can work with your classmates without having be next to each other. It can be used to help students study for tests and quizzes. It can help students take learning outside of the classroom and have fun doing so. I used Quizlet for 3 years in high school and it was a great tool for Spanish and chemistry class. It also helped me study for  my ACT and SAT tests.

Attribution: http://e-languageexemplars.wikispaces.com/Quizlet

Link to Site Information: http://quizlet.com/

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  1. Memorizing is the lowest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Your technology is suppose to be one of the four highest levels.

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